Motivational Speaker Melbourne

Motivational Speaker Melbourne

Mary-Anne Frank

Inspiring Minds, Empowering People


Topics Mary-Anne Speaks About Are:


Motivational Speaker Melbourne or Australia Wide, Mary-Anne Frank Inspire Minds and Empowers people when ever she is on stage.

Leadership – How to become an Authentic Leader that your people want to follow. Mary-Anne has coached all levels of Senior Management, including Celebrities, and even a Mayor, she knows how to walk the walk and talk the talk. Have your Leaders be inspired to empower their staff for good. Phone Mary-Anne today on 0416161486, you will be so pleased you did.

Sales- How to become a Business Savvy Sales Person who clients want to buy from. Mary-Anne has been number one in sales throughout her career in Melbourne in Corporate Media and Telco. She then went on to own and operate her own National training company specializing in Corporate Media which she sold in 2004. Since then she has Coached CEO's to Sales People. Having worked for herself now for 22 years she knows a thing or two about how to thrive. Give your sales people the edge. Book Mary-Anne today. Call +61 416 161 486. Australia and New Zealand Wide.

Business - How to Attract, Connect and Capture Customers in a Digital World. Mary-Anne holds an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing and is an Expert in Sales. Using these skills together with her Self Mastery Skills she offers clients and enriching formula for success.

Learn the latest and most innovative techniques. Phone 0416161486 Australia.

Self Mastery - Understanding how to Master your Life, Starts with Mastering your Mind. Mary-Anne is the Published Author of 'The Cinderella Evolution' and "Our Ultimate Truth' A confronting and inspiring journey into the human psyche about US. You will be sure to be captivated. BUY-Now-Amazon.jpg























 FAN CLUB to name a few............

Absolutely great! Bold presenter and the way you laugh is hilarious!

You sparkle!

You were so refreshing!

Awesome Workshop!

Very heartfelt, great learnt heaps, worth triple numbers!

Thank-you for the wonderful sharing and enlightenment.

I look forward to reading and growing from your wisdom.

Great energetic talk!

Julie – Owner of Vixen Vines Wine bar – Melbourne. Mary-Anne Frank has done several “Live Shows” with around 50 people at a time in the Audience. If I could fit more in I would, she is so good! She is fast, accurate, engaging and humorous, my clients “Loved her”, Highly recommended!!!!! Give me a call if you want a reference, Julie +61 427 201 801, Melbourne Australia.